Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival

5Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival (CIHfestival) is a unique film festival. The objective of this festival is to build conservation awareness about nature and wildlife among one and all, especially the students and youth, as healthy forests, wildlife and biodiversity are crucial for  the survival of our future generations.

The festival is organized at regular intervals by Crusade for Revival of Environment and Wildlife (CREW), a not-for-profit society registered in 1997 under the Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act 1973.  CREW is Central India’s primary centre for policy and enforcement regarding conservation and management of natural resources, wildlife and biodiversity.

Conservation Awareness Programme (CAP)

Excursions to the National Parks and the award ceremony are important components of our film festival which is  held as part of our Conservation Awareness Programme (CAP). Under  CAP, the participants are exposed to various facets of wildlife conservation and management. They also get the opportunity to visit the villages inside or at the periphery of the protected area to understand various issues linked with park-people interface. Once exposed, the participants conceptualize and make a film based on their perceptions and understanding acquired during the CAP. These films are evaluated by a renowned jury which pays special attention to their relevance as a conservation awareness film and their technical finesse.

The format of the festival has been designed to give every participant a deep insight into the ecology, environment and wildlife as well as the nuances and craft of wildlife film-making. Hence, every CAP has been split into 3 specific parts : an orientation programme on film-making ; a workshop / field-visit ; and the jungle-trail (on gypsy / elephant / boat / bicycle / foot,  as feasible). While the first two parts of CAP, i.e. the orientation programme and the workshop are almost always organised in Bhopal, the participants are taken to Protected Areas/ National Parks/Tiger Reserves for  the third leg of CAP.

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