Our Mission

Crusade for Revival of Environment and Wildlife

Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival 2018

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We have a very strong conservation emphasis. Our mission is to foster and promote knowledge and understanding of wildlife and habitat through excellent and honest wildlife films and other media.

Crew organises the Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival and wildlife awareness camps at regular intervals. Crew also has a media Centre devoted exclusively to wildlife issues.

CREW-School Children-Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister

CREW especially works with School Children to build awareness about environment, biodiversity, forests, wildlife and the endangered species.

In this photo, school children are seen with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The school students, along with the founder President of CREW, Lalit Shastri, had met the Chief Minister in his State Assembly office, when the House was in session, to discuss the status  of tigers in their natural habitat.