CIHfestival 2019-20

Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival (CIHfestival) is a flagship event, regularly organised by CREW as part of it’s  Conservation Awareness Programme

CIHfestival aims to build a national-level campaign among one & all, especially the students and youth, to create greater awareness about nature and wildlife, which is so crucial for survival of humankind. Along with that, the festival also aims to give a viable platform to students, amateurs and aspiring wildlife filmmakers by facilitating them to record on camera nature & wildlife from close range, and providing them a stage to showcase their talent through CIHfestival. 

CREW, the force behind Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival, is a not-for-profit organisation registered in 1997 under the Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act 1973. It is Central India’s primary Center for policy and enforcement regarding conservation and management of natural resources, wildlife and biodiversity.

The CIHfestival aims to give a solid platform to students, amateurs and aspiring wildlife filmmakers. Through our Wild expeditions in Tiger Reserves, we give the particpants the opportunity to observe and shoot nature & wildlife from close range. The competitive section and the screening of the best entries at the CIH Panorama provide a stage to the participants to showcase their talent and spread the message of conservation to wider audiences through the power of film and art.

Crew released two reports Vanishing Stripes (1999) and Vanishing Stripes-II (2000) to issue the firm warning that Tiger’s survival is threatened by poaching and loss of prey-base. Through these reports CREW had taken the lead in revealing the gravity of the problem and point out how gravely the tiger is threatened in one of its most fantastic habitats.

Associated with CREW are leading wildlife experts, birders and wildlife documentary producers. They are expert guides.

Film/Photo/Art Entry Open

Film entry is now open for the Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival – CIHfestival 2019-20.

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What the CIHfestival participants say

CIHfestival was a thrilling experience, especially for filmmaking students like us. It gave us immense amount of exposure into wildlife filmmaking, making it an enjoyable learning experience and an unforgettable adventure at the same time.

– Gunjan Menon, a participant from CIHfestival ’13 &  winner of the Best Documentary Award

I must say I & my team-mate Shaan experienced both as participants of the Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival by CREW. It was a hands-on opportunity for amateur filmmakers like us to live,learn and experience so much under one roof in the midst of welcoming arms of Mother Nature. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m glad that I grabbed it without a second thought.

for me, there is no moving on from here. I’m here to stay, and very proudly so. Once a CREW-sader, always a CREW-sader.

– Tejaswini Naik, a participant from CIHfestival ’12, and winner of two awards under student category– Best Documentary Film & Best Short Film with Conservation Message

The Pench wildlife camp was my first ever experience in a jungle rather a wildlife camp, and the two days I spent there were without question, exhilarating. From the tranquility of the jungle environment to the adrenaline rush on anticipating a tiger in close proximity to the early morning safari rides, this opportunity has seeded in me a desire to visit and explore more forests, jungles, and wildlife.

– Reema Khendry, a participant from CIHfestival ’13


CIHfestival 2018

It was a flying start to CIHfestival 2018 with the successful hosting of the Wild Expedition at Churna in Satpura Tiger Reserve between February 9 and 11, 2018.




CREW (Crusade for Revival of Environment and Wildlife) organised the Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival 2018 (CIHfestival 2018) in collaboration with the Wildlife Wing of Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, Sanctuary Asia, Sanctuary Nature Foundation and Regional Museum of Natural History between February and September this year.

Wild Expeditions in Tiger Reserves

February through May, CIHfestival Wild Expeditons/camps were held in Tiger Reserves, National Parks and naturally preserved eco-zones of Madhya Pradesh to help the participants shoot and observe nature and wildlife from close range and to convey the message of conservation through films and documentaries, paintings and other art forms.

1. Schools, colleges, corporate organisations and individuals participated in our Jungle Safaris linked with the Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival 2018.

2. School and college students also acted as volunteers and as Eco-ambassadors and student-ambassadors of the Festival in their campus.

CIHfestival 2018 Partners